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D’Anna M. Spieles-DeMoss, L.M.T./Owner

D’Anna graduated from Central Ohio School of Massage in December of 1990 following with taking the Ohio State Medical Board to receive her license in January 1991.

Her journey to Massage Therapy began while working in her father’s (Ted Spieles) Chiropractic office while in high school. He was responsible for introducing her to the wonderful career of massage therapy. She then went on to study massage therapy while also being fortunate enough to practice on her Dad’s patients, all the while, educating them of massage therapy’s awesome benefits. At that time, massage therapy was not well known, as it is today. She felt blessed to be able to work with her Dad and to witness his gift of helping his patients and giving of himself. D’Anna and her father soon realized how Chiropractic and massage therapy go hand in hand in achieving the balance of structure and soft tissue in the body.

After getting her license, D’Anna followed with an intense four month study with Earle Timberlake, L.M.T. in neuromuscular release technique and deep tissue massage. Further studies took her into the benefits of using essential oils during massage. She feels that everyone should experience the lovely aroma of these precious essential oils during their massage. They not only connect you to a deeper state of relaxation, but they also can help with physical problems such as headaches, sinus problems and muscle tension.

She also studied foot reflexology, which can help stimulate the reflexes and blood flow in the body through working on the feet which is a double benefit along with the massage.

CranioSacral Therapy, a very subtle treatment, has found to be a very important study for her. A Client can benefit so much from this if they have fibromyalgia, where less pressure is applied. Trauma clients also respond very well to CranioSacral Therapy. This therapy has been stated as “The most relaxing form of therapy allowing balance to take place in the body.”

D’Anna does not charge different rates for different modalities that she uses. She addresses the body as a whole and will assess the individual pertaining to your body’s needs on that particular day.

In August of 2006, D’Anna and her husband Eddy, bought a lovely little cottage/house on Shawnee Road which was then a gift shop. Eddy has a wonderful gift of carpentry, etc… and was able to transform this little place in 16 months time. They feel blessed to have brought in a wonderful group of people that now make up the little family at A Touch of Health. The positive energy is amazing and everyone here loves their work. Our goal is to help you feel welcome and hopefully achieve balance through mind, body & spirit.

D’Anna’s Testimonials

  • Dee Dee DeMoss’s passion, great hands, and commitment to massage are superb! I have been one of Dee Dee’s clients for almost 4 years. As an avid runner and fitness fanatic, Dee is the one person with the skills and temperament to really offer the relief and long term knowledgeable insights that I need. I always leave A Touch of Health feeling relaxed and will continue to refer family, friends, and anyone I bump into that is in need of massage to her!
    Kristi L.
  • D’Anna has established a wonderful place to enjoy mental and physical wellness. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude are reflective in her passion as a massage therapist and a businesswoman.
    Kate W.
  • Dee Dee has amazing skills. She has the ability to target areas in your body that need work even when we are not aware of them. You feel relaxed and renewed after her massage. Regular massages help keep your body feeling wonderful.
    Marcia G.
  • I have been coming to A Touch of Health for 6 years. I started at once a month due to the stress of my occupation and my mother’s illness. I have now moved to a one-an-a-half hour massage every two weeks with D’Anna. I feel that having a massage is not a luxury but vital for our whole health. A Touch of Health is a wellness opportunity! I look forward to my massages and feel so much better after each one.
    Mary Ellen M.
  • I met D’Anna about 25 years ago. I was receiving chiropractic treatments to recover from a car accident. It was recommended that I receive a massage, which did help recovery. Over the years, I’ve received many chiropractic treatments for stress related neck and back pain. Periodically, I would get a massage. About 7-8 years ago, I decided to get monthly massages. D’Anna always finds the tight muscles and relaxes them. After a few months, I no longer needed to see a chiropractor.
    Joyce B.
  • As a ten year cancer survivor I have found that it is important to treat myself kindly. I first came to D’Anna for a massage to relieve tight, achy muscles, but I have learned that therapeutic massage also renews my spirit! A massage with D’Anna is one of the nicest kindnesses I give to myself.

    As you get older your body doesn’t always handle the change well. With the help of professional hands applying pressure in the right way and the right place, much of the pain is reduced! This has been my experience for over a year. I would recommend A Touch of Health for anyone. D’Anna can really be proud of her operation!

    Gene H.
  • My job entails long hours sitting hunched over a computer keyboard. This has caused tension and pain in my neck and shoulders. With D’Anna Spieles-DeMoss, L.M.T.’s help, I can continue to function at work and at home. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage or therapeutic deep tissue work, D’Anna’s the best! She keys in on the areas that need work, resulting in better health and movement for you. Call her today for an appointment. You’ll be glad you did.
    Karen W.
  • A few years ago I was given a gift certificate for a massage at A Touch of Health. I have been a steady customer ever since. D’Anna is a very skilled and knowledgeable massage therapist. She is also very helpful in providing suggestions on ways to incorporate life-style changes (i.e. diet & exercise) to gain the most benefit from massage therapy. I highly recommend A Touch of Health for anyone who’s looking for a comfortable environment in which to gain the benefits that massage therapy has to offer.
    Rick P.
  • The word massage in Webster’s dictionary is defined as “the art of treating the body by rubbing or kneading to stimulate circulation.” D’Anna is definitely a gifted artist! I appreciate her skill in trigger point massage and cranial/facial massage. She achieves just the right pressure to relieve my tight,m sore and aching muscles. My body knows when my appointment time is near. The atmosphere at the Touch of Health is so beautiful and soothing. I love the fact the D’Anna enjoys what she does and the people she serves. She cares about the whole person not just her part in her client’s health. My massage appointment is truly one of the best days in my month.

    D’Anna’s massage is a physiological must have. While at A Touch of Health I feel like I’m in a different world. The atmosphere is very tranquil with its gentle relaxing music, refreshing scents, and an ambiance that I do not experience every day. I leave feeling refreshed and renewed, but also somewhat disappointed that I have to wait another two weeks until my next appointment. Do your body a favor and try it!

    David T.

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