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Beth A. Koester, L.M.T.

As a licensed massage therapist since 2006 my area of focus is including techniques that relieve muscular pain, reduce stress and treat soft tissue injuries. Every client of mine is treated individually and is given a massage that addresses their particular health care need. It is important to me to make all my clients feel welcome and comfortable by providing a relaxing atmosphere that creates an effective healing environment. Because of my passion for natural health I am accomplished in learning new healing modalities for the benefit of my clients’ improvement. I am dependable, professional and offer high quality services.

Anti-Aging Face Treatment

A state of the art anti-aging program achieved through balance. The combined interaction of three kinetic energies in the form of light, current and ultrasonic waves restore energy to correct and maintain youthful skin functions.


Light and microcurrents stimulate accupoints connected to wrinkles. They relax facial tension resulting in a more youthful appearance.


Microcurents and LED light retrain muscle tissue to regain their tone.


Transmits ultra sound energy to the tissues initiating a cellular massage and providing deep oxygenation.

Luminix 920 — The Power of Red

Aging skin responds to light. The Luminix 920 smooths wrinkles and increases collagen. This natural rejuvenation procedure thickens collagen bundles and improves skin elasticity and resilience.

The combination of these procedures targets and corrects signs of aging for outstanding visible results.

Beth’s Testimonials

  • I have been going to Beth at A Touch of Health every two weeks for several months. She is a great Massage Therapist and has always been able to give relief from my back and neck problems. I know when I go there in pain, I will feel much better after my session. Another thing I love about going there is the tranquility I feel when I step through the door. It is always calm, serene and relaxing. If you need a Massage Therapist I would highly recommend Beth and A Touch of Health.
    Marilyn M.

Beth’s Services

30 Minute Massage


Energy 900 Face treatment with LED Light


60 Minute Massage


Energy 900 Face Treatment with 60 Minute Massage


90 Minute Massage


Luminix 920 Photo Face